Inspired by Art: The Peacock

UPS tracker lied about my fabric’s ETA of yesterday. Instead, it’s supposed to be here any minute now. Got the dog guarding the door so I’ll be alerted of the delivery dude before he reaches the front steps. Once my garment prototype is all sorted out tonight, I’ll be ready to cut into some real fabric….and one of them is late! Choosing between Fabric de Stash and Fabric de Recent Online Purchase Being Slowly Delivered by UPS was supposed to be part of the experience and now I may be forced to choose a fabric by default. Oh, the drama ;-).

On with Part 2 of the Art Challenge inspiration preview. I’ve been digging on peacock feathers (as a design element for home decor and crafts) for over a year now. I even bought this rubber stamp of peacock feathers to use in papercrafting (along with a Mardi Gras-worthy collection of random bird feathers). It’s an androgynous iconic image, perfect for handmade cards.
Rubber Stamped Image of Peacock Feathers

Artists have been depicting the peacock’s glory in paintings since forever, so it was easy to find one that matched my aesthetic. It’s no wonder I am attracted to the peacock’s beauty, National Geographic describes the peacock as…

One of the most ostentatiously adorned creatures on Earth, the peacock uses its brilliant plumage to entice females.

Here’s my inspiration board with peacock (and painting) as muse. No matter which fabric I choose or must default to (the Van Gogh or peacock inspired) for next week’s Art Challenge, both inspirations are sure to leak into my life in some way.

Inspiration Board: The Peacock

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