Introducing…The “Picked-a-Pocket” Dress


All my first-time pocket-making dreams came true when I (just barely) finished upcycling that brown dress from Target in time for this week’s Refashion Challenge. Not only did I conquer my phobia of inseam pockets, but I did it while transforming a ho-hum dress into a keeper—another first for me. My third eye is open wide now and it sees so many refashion possibilities in my closet.

On Friday, the “Picked-a-Pocket” Dress premiered on The Sew Weekly.

Read all about it here.

The Sew Weekly Home Page on Friday, March 2, 2012

Hacking and piecing back together something some would say was perfectly decent to begin with, is a disconcerting process. But after this experience and being so utterly wowed by all of the other talented “Refashionistas” of The Sew Weekly, I think I could get used to the hacking.


Target Merona Dress "Before" Refashion


The "Picked-a-Pocket" Dress

What a difference an elastic waist, sleeve cuffs, pockets and matching belt make!

Here are some photos of the pocket construction.

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, drafting pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, constructing inseam pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, constructing inseam pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, inseam pockets complete

Constructing these pockets was so damn easy, that I want to identify all of the skirts and dresses in my closet that are missing a place to store my smart phone and give them a blessed pair of inseam pockets.

Another great challenge week over. Good times hacking and sewing.

The "Picked-a-Pocket" Dress

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    • Thanks, Kelly. And, nope it’s not too late for those pocketless garments. As long as you’re willing to rip out sides seams and possibly re-stitch a hem…I’m trying to decide now how willing I am for all that given all the pocketless garments in my closet. I may have signed myself up for a mess of work ;-).


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