A Shared, But Reserved Obsession for Sunflowers

I love sunflowers just as much as Van Gogh did. This week’s Art Challenge, the unseasonably warm late winter weather, and my unplanted spring garden had me dreaming of sunflowers and feeling inspired by their beauty and practicality (i.e., cripsy-sweet apple slices dipped in sunflower seed butter).

Van Gogh's obsession with sunflowers

But when it was time to choose a fabric for my Art-themed garment, I wasn’t really excited about wearing sunflowers, but still wanted their yellow and black color scheme and intensity.

Enter: Freespirit’s Van Gogh Rayon Challis collection and in particular, this print.

Some of the florals on the runway for spring 2012 had a bent toward tropical, so my choice is surprisingly on trend − not that I’m trying too hard keep up with the sometimes questionable, always finicky trends of fashion. Those who do, make a day job out of it, I’m sure. It is comforting to know folks won’t be surprised to see me walking down the street in a loud, Carnival cruise-worthy floral print.

Robert Cavalli's Floral Print Pants

Roberto Cavalli, Spring 2012

J. Crew Floral Print Suit

J. Crew, Spring 2012

Ashish's Floral Print Dress

Ashish, Spring 2012

I’ll be back later to share the garment constructed out of my tropical, Van Gogh-inspired floral fabric.