Films for Fashion: Psycho

I’m back with another film from my recent 1960’s Fashion-Spotting Movie Marathon.

Remember the modern remake of Psycho? Well, it got sh**ty reviews and starred Anne Heche (who I was tired of back then), so I never saw it…until recently, when my Netflix account recommended it for me. Sometimes their if-you-like-this-you’ll-love-that recommendations are pretty accurate…I took a risk on this one. I just wanted a lite horror movie fix while sewing and figured it’d be therapeutic to see Anne Heche’s demise via shower.

Psycho (1998)
Directed by  Gus Van Sant
Costumes by Frank Helmer, Cookie Lopez, and Vanessa Vogel

Psycho (1998)

To my surprise, in the early half of the movie (before Anne gets-it in the shower), I spotted some great vintage fashion. There was so much that I assumed the movie was set in the 1960’s like the original. The original Hitchcockian Psycho is brilliant. However, filmed in black and white, it isn’t the best showcase for my fashion-spotting…I prefer color to catch all of the details. But, the setting of the remake was contemporary (I saw a Ford Taurus drive down the street!)….it was the costumers who dressed the actresses in vintage wear!

So, here’s Janet Leigh (1927-2004) as Marion Crane in the original Psycho.
Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in Psycho (1960)

Now, here’s Anne Heche playing the same character in the 1998 remake. That candy stripe piping is singing to me.

Anne Heche in Pyscho (1998)

Anne Heche as Marion Crane in Pyscho (1998)

This outfit. Sunbrella, totebag, and all, have reversed my irritation toward Anne Heche. She’s a doll!

Anne Heche as Marion Crane in Pyscho (1998)

Even her friend at the office is dressed like she’s in the wrong movie.

Pyscho (1998)

The Psycho remake was weak without Anthony Perkins as the ultra-creepy, split-personality, momma’s boy. So, if you haven’t seen it, don’t. Vince Vaughn tried, but he should stick to dodgeball. Ultimately, the film’s only saving grace is its thrift shop-savvy wardrobe department.

2 thoughts on “Films for Fashion: Psycho

  1. I never caught this weirdness with the vintage clothes! That’s so interesting. I actually liked the remake back in the day – I’m not usually a big fan of remakes but I had a huge crush on Vince Vaughn so that probably had a little to do with it! Also, Netflix has gotten me to watch things I definitely would not have otherwise. It’s good/bad for that.


    • The fasion-spotting was definitely not expected. It was as if the movie started out set in the 60’s, then changed its mind when the budget ran out. As for Vince Vaughn…he is a cutie, but he just couldn’t pull off what Perkins did. And, you’re right…Netflix is a bit evil the way it suckers you into watching stuff.


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