Introducing…The “Look on the Bright Side” Dress

Last week’s Pantone Spring 2012 Color Palette Challenge gave me the chance to experiment with some colors I hardly ever wear: yellow and orange. Solar Power and Tangerine Tango to be specific. I also experimented with lining a sleeveless bodice.

The "Look on the Bright Side" Dress

The "Look on the Bright Side" Dress

The "Look on the Bright Side" Dress

The dress debuted at The Sew Weekly on Saturday. Read more about it here.

Some of the gals were kind enough to give me some styling advice for this dress, as I was pretty stumped by its brightness. I tried to default to neutral accessories, but it just didn’t work. Then, I tried Veronica Darling and Kazz’s suggestion to style it with BLACK.

Enter: store-bought crocheted shrug, 2 yards of plaid chiffon from le stash (that may just get sewn into an infinity scarf), and a skinny black belt. With these add-ons, I just may have a rockable style for this neon spectacle.

The "Look on the Bright Side Dress" with Styling Option

I’m still easing into the colors though, so it’d be ideal to have a few more looks for this dress if it’s going to do more than just brighten up my closet.

What do you think? How would you style it?

4 thoughts on “Introducing…The “Look on the Bright Side” Dress

    • Hot pink…that makes sense. I’ve seen that pairing before in prints. In fact, I have a art deco looking fabric with that color combo. You got me thinking…do I even have a pink belt? If not, I could make one…

      Thanks for styling suggestion, Jenni!


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