YOW Floral Sweater Knit

My fabric stash is filled with unsewn yards of goodness that I haven’t properly appreciated. True appreciation is a sewn garment or at least a swatch card for inventorying, but in the past couple of years, my poor neglected stash as had little of either. And it’s STILL growing!

I admit my addiction to fabric acquisition (hence the play on words in the title), but the only thing I plan to do about my weakness is blog about it. A self-intervention of sorts that will hopefully inspire me to sew up some of it — at least to make room for the new stuff I can’t quite stop myself from buying.

Fabric Stash

My fabric stash lives in the linen closet. Never mind where the linens are.

I figure a weekly post to feature some of the fabulous but forgotten fabrics I’ve acquired is just what I need to cringebust my sewing of them. Hey, and since I have an audience for this project, I’ll be gladly accepting ideas for what to make.

Let’s take a look at this week’s YARDAGE OF THE WEaK (YOW). A floral sweater knit I was surprised to find on a bolt at Joann’s. Their discounts are just ridiculous. Everything is always on sale. And, if it isn’t, there’s coupons for days. Lately, I’ve been noticing they’ve stepped up their game, too. The last few times I stopped in for a pattern sale, I got ADD in the fabric aisles. This gorgeous sweater knit was a recent distraction.

YOW - Floral Sweater Knit

I bought it thinking I’d be bold and make a sweater dress (another Moneta perhaps), but chickened out on the idea when I got worried about the minimal stretch of the knit. It’s relatively stable, so a negative ease pattern might be tough to pull off. Then again, that’s probably me being chicken. I’ve never sewn a sweater knit before and for some reason the bravery I had when I bought it has evaporated. But at the same time, I REALLY want to make something with it before spring shows up for real and sundresses start to haunt me like a Poltergeist.

Swatch Card for Floral Sweater Knit

Swatch card inventorying in the works.

The new Oslo cardigan from my subscription to Seamwork Magazine is another promising make. Or, even a simple, pull-on pencil skirt. So many options for 3 yards of loveliness.

One of the challenges of this fabric will be coordinating it with other things. It looks like a black and white floral, but the black is closer to gray, so when pairing it with something else that’s a true black, it looks a bit off or laundry-faded. I may have to treat it like it’s a dark gray and style it accordingly. Oooh…a pairing with yellow could be nice.

Floral Sweater Knit Comparison

Comparison to a black ponte and gray ponte knit.

My weakness for pretty got this sweater knit into my stash, but I’d love to get it on my body one day. What would you make with it?

8 thoughts on “YARDAGE of the WEaK

    • That shirt dress is cute. I like the front placket. Thanks for the suggestion. I might like it with a regular jersey though to keep it sporty…wear it some cute sneakers. See, you’re always distracting me!

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  1. I like the idea of a long flowy cardigan. that way you could wear it with jeans for a casual look, or pencil skirt for more chic. something like this maybe: http://www.scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com/2012/02/draped-shawl-cardigan-pattern-review.html

    you could also make it into one of those raglan sleeve sweaters that are showing up everywhere (like the Linden), with contrasting sleeves…
    this is a great idea for stash busting! Can’t wait to see what other lovely fabrics you have to show!


  2. I had a RTW jacket made in a stable knit very simiilar to this. It was waisted, but not too much, fairly long – maybe mid thigh, with a nice gentle curve. Black binding on the edges and around seven black buttons down the front. I wore it to death, mainly over jeans. It could be worn with a black belt, buttoned. Or unbuttoned. I really loved wearing it. Then I gifted it to my daughter who also wore it for ages before it gave up. Really versatile and nice. I bought some pink (lighter and darker) and used it for a DVF fitted dress – also loved it.


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