YOW Gertie FloralCan you believe I found this cotton sateen at Joann’s of all places? Because I cannot. And I’m the one who bought it! It’s from the new fabric line, “Gertie”, designed by our favorite vintage-crazy, blogging seamstress, Gretchen Hirsch. And, I really, really dig it.

Gertie Swatch

Finding cotton sateen at Joann was a miracle all on its own, but to find a print that reminds me of this Dolce & Gabanna collection I’ve been stalking for months was downright magic.

Dolce & Gabanna Floral Collection

I think it’s brilliant to choose ONE print for so many garments. D&G’s collection has more than I featured above, but I’d be happy with just three pieces in a mini capsule wardrobe.

I didn’t get 10 yards of Gertie floral, however. Only three. Figured I’d make one dress (get a little pattern placement practice with those massive flowers – mind the girls, now) and see what happens from there. Though I can predict getting tired of the print after hours of handling it and walking away from my One-Print-Many-Garments fantasy.

Gertie Floral

What would you make with this bold cotton sateen floral?

6 thoughts on “YARDAGE of the WEaK

  1. Luvverley, does it have any stretch in it? I could see you in a sheath dress, contoured to your curves of course. How chic with a pair of pointy toed black pumps. You could warm it up with a red cardi, or a black cardi, or a green cardi, or a leather jacket!
    I’d make a straight pair of trousers and fitted jacket, but then the weather is cooling here. Looking forward to seeing your make in this gorgeously feminine ‘fabric of the weak’!

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    • Sadly, there’s no stretch, but I like where you’re going with that sheath idea. There’s one on my Sew Someday list I might move up to the Sew Soon list.


  2. This fabric has been on my mind for days now! I have no ideas on what you could make with it, besides one of Gertie’s own patterns (which is not a terribly creative idea). But whatever you come up with, I think this is an accidentally statement-caliber fabric: the floral print is so bold and so sweet, people will really remember you wearing whatever garment you turn it into.


  3. That’s right! I’ll be making a HUGE statement with this….kinda didn’t think about that. I probably would’ve realized it the moment I put it on. The print is kind of out of my style league with its boldness, but I am still feeling brave about the look-at-me-remember-me factor. Might even consider that Tracey Reese dress we talked about or a simple circle skirt (never made one).

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