YOW: Splatter Challis

My relationship with Fabric Mart has turned into a case of secret lovers. (Yeah, that’s what we are). My husband has no idea how many times I’ve been seduced by one of their bajillion percent off TODAY ONLY email alerts. Or, how many round, soft packages I’ve stealthily swiped from our front porch or mailbox before he stepped outside. The sew-from-my-stash deal I made with myself a couple of months ago was broken (perhaps for life) the moment I knew there was a place on this earth that would offer silk tafetta for $4.99 a yard at a moment’s notice.

A few days ago, an email from my secret lover told me that all challis was 40% off, like right now. What? Wait. But, I’m in a meeting. What if all the good stuff is gone? I was all hot and bothered and I hadn’t even seen the selection. When I finally got a break, it took all of four minutes to find the happiest all-season rayon challis I’ve ever seen. CLICK. And, sold. The missing link to the stash of solids I’ve been acquiring was found.

You can tell I how pleased I am with my purchase by this rookie attempt at draping the uncut yardage.

Paint Splatter Challis

Despite, my draped delusions of wrap bodices, I’ll probably let the print steal the show by sewing this up in a simple shift or maybe even the True Bias Southport dress (which is already printed, taped, and ready for a quick muslin). But, I’m open to distraction.

Whatever I make is going to be suitable for work or weekend. That’s what’s so awesome about this print…those splashes of black add sophistication to a print that might otherwise look like I’m fooling around with the painter. And, that’s not the kind of secret loving we need around here.

Splatter Challis CollageWhat would you make with 3 yards of this paint splatter rayon challis?

15 thoughts on “YARDAGE OF THE WEaK

  1. The ‘all stock 40% off excluding sales’ finally pushed me over the edge. I’m strong unless I open the email -then those links lead me down the rabbit hole waving my visa like a fan! This week the box was too big to hide. 3 loads to prewash are hard to sneak by.


  2. Najah, allow me to walk vicariously through your dilemma! I have a new pattern, its the Decades of Style ‘Dorthy Lara’ dress. I think this will really suit your voluptuousness – thats why I bought it – boobage space! And it would look lovely in your challis with a lining of course. Its a vintagesque thang, but I reckon the raglan shoulder will be very flattering – it doesn’t look too vintage. Good luck in your choices. x


  3. I indulged heavily from Fabric Mart for Christmas to the tune of 22 lbs of fabric. The box was MASSIVE and I’m still sewing my way through it. I wander through their selection, but I use my mighty powers of resistance, aided by my lack of funds to keep me out of trouble. 😀

    Go with the Southport. That fabric was made for it!


    • 22lbs of fabric is no joke! Good for you for obtaining while you make a dent in that haul. And, yes…I am definitely leaning for the Southport. It’s calling my name.


  4. LOL. Secret lovers. That IS sort of what it’s like. My confession: I prefer to shop at online stores that ship via USPS so I can sneak my packages in and hide them before the husband gets home. UPS and FedEx often don’t come until late in the evening in our area.


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