Maxi Mom Returns


When I found myself cutting out yet another maxi-length skirt, I worried for a moment that I’d never see my ankles again. And, then in the next moment, I was OK with that. I mean, the gals in the 19th century rocked maxi skirts and dresses everyday, all day. Playing tennis, riding bicycles, running after children, running households….basically saving the world.


It’s too bad I’m a klutz when I wear long, full skirts. Tripping over or stepping on my hem, getting it caught in car doors, letting snacks melt in my pockets —like a stylish anti-hero. So, this may be my last 35-inch skirt of the season. A great occasion for a wide, mudcloth waistband. And an even better one to make the basic white tee that eluded me all summer.

IMG_9305A dreamy chocolate linen from my stash wanted to be a summer neutral, but needed a little something to tame the rich color. Something like the fab-u-lous mud cloth I bought somewhere at sometime in the past that I can’t quite remember. It’s history didn’t matter the moment I attached the skirt to the waistband. The two fabrics were so right for each other, you’d think they’d met on eHarmony instead of in my sewing room.

mudclothwbmaxi_collageThe mud cloth has a canvas weight, so interfacing wasn’t necessary, but the two-inch waistband could’ve used more support, maybe even boning at the side seams or hidden elastic that would act kinda like a snugly interlining to keep it from collapsing. I fastened it at center back with a zipper and a massive sew-on snap. I love the look and novelty of it, but after a hearty meal, that snap has been known to randomly pop open like a jack in the box (scaring the snap out of me), so I think I’ll go back to boring, more predictably behaving closures.


The volume of this skirt is what I love most about it. It’s also what I have to get used to so I don’t end up face-planting. Maybe I can help someone appreciate the awesomeness of a handmade skirt instead of being distracted and (possibly entertained) by its uncoordinated wearer.

14 thoughts on “Maxi Mom Returns

  1. You’ve done it again. I love this skirt and the waistband is genius. I’ve got a piece of it in my stash. I hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” your idea. BTW-have you made it to Paradise Fabrics yet?


    • Thanks, Angela! You don’t need my permission. That mud cloth in your stash is ready for you! I just looked up Paradise Fabrics and I had NO IDEA it was there? It’s right in my BFF’s neighborhood, too. How’d I miss it? Oh, it’s ON. Might check them out this weekend. Thanks for the referral!


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