Ikat Believe It’s a Mumu!

Ikat Mumuu

I’m popping in to share the results of my recent contemplation on ikat print. I dig it! I wasn’t so sure when I pulled out this UFO of Vogue 8587 —started and abandoned in 2012. Why? I think it was because I was having second thoughts about the print. Was it me? Did it scream boho chic when my style, well, doesn’t? Was it the colors? Finishing it and wearing it for a day helped me decide.

Ikat Mummu

It was a simple make in cotton voile. I UFO’d it during the hand stitching of the bodice lining, leaving that and the sleeve and skirt hems undone for the next three years. It probably would’ve stayed that way for another year had I not been desperate for a quick-finish project. Worn unbelted, it’s also a mumu. Not that I’d hold that against a dress, but until I have a trapeze act, a tent shape on my curves will always be considered carefully.

Ikat Mumu

What makes this mumu appealing to me is the self-lined dolman sleeved bodice (easy to sew), the lack of closures, and how the gathered skirt sits at the high bust. Since I choose my pattern size based on my high bust measurement, a design like this meant no fiddling with the pattern to fit my chest. Celebrate good times.

V8587Ikat MumuThe ikat is still growing on me even as I type this, but I suspect a simpler color scheme would float my boat with less contention. For now, it stays in my life. Transforming from a comfortable house dress into a fun fit and flare frock with one accessory, it’s more than a pretty mumu, it’s a dual purpose utility.

Ikat Mumu

Even though I questioned the fabric, the pattern is definitely getting a repeat performance. With pockets next time. In a solid linen or maybe even a challis for some swish factor.

Until then, my festive ikat mumu has a few parties to crash.


YOW: Splatter Challis

My relationship with Fabric Mart has turned into a case of secret lovers. (Yeah, that’s what we are). My husband has no idea how many times I’ve been seduced by one of their bajillion percent off TODAY ONLY email alerts. Or, how many round, soft packages I’ve stealthily swiped from our front porch or mailbox before he stepped outside. The sew-from-my-stash deal I made with myself a couple of months ago was broken (perhaps for life) the moment I knew there was a place on this earth that would offer silk tafetta for $4.99 a yard at a moment’s notice.

A few days ago, an email from my secret lover told me that all challis was 40% off, like right now. What? Wait. But, I’m in a meeting. What if all the good stuff is gone? I was all hot and bothered and I hadn’t even seen the selection. When I finally got a break, it took all of four minutes to find the happiest all-season rayon challis I’ve ever seen. CLICK. And, sold. The missing link to the stash of solids I’ve been acquiring was found.

You can tell I how pleased I am with my purchase by this rookie attempt at draping the uncut yardage.

Paint Splatter Challis

Despite, my draped delusions of wrap bodices, I’ll probably let the print steal the show by sewing this up in a simple shift or maybe even the True Bias Southport dress (which is already printed, taped, and ready for a quick muslin). But, I’m open to distraction.

Whatever I make is going to be suitable for work or weekend. That’s what’s so awesome about this print…those splashes of black add sophistication to a print that might otherwise look like I’m fooling around with the painter. And, that’s not the kind of secret loving we need around here.

Splatter Challis CollageWhat would you make with 3 yards of this paint splatter rayon challis?


YOW Gertie FloralCan you believe I found this cotton sateen at Joann’s of all places? Because I cannot. And I’m the one who bought it! It’s from the new fabric line, “Gertie”, designed by our favorite vintage-crazy, blogging seamstress, Gretchen Hirsch. And, I really, really dig it.

Gertie Swatch

Finding cotton sateen at Joann was a miracle all on its own, but to find a print that reminds me of this Dolce & Gabanna collection I’ve been stalking for months was downright magic.

Dolce & Gabanna Floral Collection

I think it’s brilliant to choose ONE print for so many garments. D&G’s collection has more than I featured above, but I’d be happy with just three pieces in a mini capsule wardrobe.

I didn’t get 10 yards of Gertie floral, however. Only three. Figured I’d make one dress (get a little pattern placement practice with those massive flowers – mind the girls, now) and see what happens from there. Though I can predict getting tired of the print after hours of handling it and walking away from my One-Print-Many-Garments fantasy.

Gertie Floral

What would you make with this bold cotton sateen floral?