The Real Body Croquis Project

I believe that developing an awareness and appreciation for your unique human shape is fundamental to making clothes for yourself.



Using sketches of my silhouette to “try on” clothes before making them has always been a part of my sewing process.

Over the years, my body croquis has evolved while I practiced drawing in physical and digital mediums.

After creating a personal body croquis set as a birthday gift for a seamstress friend of mine, I was consumed with the idea that more women should have one.

Especially women who sew.RBC_LogoThe Real Body Croquis™ Project is a mission to re-empower crafty women to become their own muse.  It is the freelance passion of Najah Carroll, sewing blogger and aspiring illustrator.

Download a sample Real Body Croquis™ kit to learn how to commission a set of hand drawn silhouettes or contact Najah at with any questions.