Introducing…The “Make My Lucky Day” Dress

Read all about how peer pressure influenced the making of this dress here.

The Sew Weekly Homepage for March 16, 2012

The Sew Weekly on March 16, 2012

Last week’s pants sucked the life out of me (so I thought) and I just wanted a breather to get my act together —you know, and take care of my life “outside the seam allowances.” But, I just couldn’t walk away from Sergio and The Machine.

The "Make My Lucky Day" Dress

When Mena announced a late theme change (Green for St. Patrick’s Day standing in for the Pantone challenge which was moved two weeks out), at first, I just wasn’t feeling it. Pooped from marathon sewing and not particularly enthused about the color green, I figured this was my cue to hang back for a week.

While mulling over my decision (for some reason I couldn’t just make my choice to opt-out and be done with it, I had to circle the wagons and analyze the value of “quitting”), I assembled a collection of lovely green dresses from (who can always be counted on for an endless supply of inspiring or knock-affable dress styles) onto a Pinterest board.

Green Frock Pinterest Board

Oh, that got the juices flowing. An hour and 25 dreamy dresses later, I was digging for fabric…ready for more stunt work.

The "Make My Lucky Day" Dress

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May your garments be greener than your bagels.

Green Bagels at the Supermarket Bakery

Bagels from the bakery at my local supermarket