Man of the Year

IMG_1457 As usual, a new trend was catapulted into the sewcial community by a post yesterday on oonaballona inspired from a post by Lori of Frivolous At Last about the heroics of their husbands during photoshoots. A well-deserved #unsungsewingbloghero hashtag was bestowed on them and I’d like to honor my man with one, too. Because he is the water that floats my boat. Especially when said boat is contorting herself to pin darts on her ass.

My husband, Matt is many levels of amazing. When Josephine was born, he was more than okay with staying home with her while I worked. His nickname is “MattGyver” because of how handy and resourceful he is. When I come home from work to my domestic hunk, I’m greeted with things like tomatoes from the garden, a DIY deck sandbox for our daughter, folded laundry, and an upgraded OS for my neglected computer.

Most importantly, he lets me sew ALL DAY on Sundays.

On one of these lovely Sundays recently, I decided to tackle a darted skirt muslin I’d been tinkering with for years. I’d finally worked out that three darts at my high square hip did the trick, but I was struggling to reach that part of my body to drape and pin the darts properly. Enter Mr. Carroll. All he says is “Here”, takes the pin from my hand, and starts to finish the job. Whaaaaaat? What is going on here? Is this really happening? Many women want their husbands to buy them flowers and take them out for fancy dinners…. I just want help with fitting.

DIY-ing a wardrobe is hard damn work and I always assumed I’d have to kidnap a local teenager to be my unpaid intern. But, so far, no felonies are required. It took him some time to get the pinning right, but I let him take all the time he needed. At one point, I started to nag about his technique, but stopped myself from ruining the beautiful, historic moment. Because I so want it to be repeated.

Now that I think about it, Matt has always been my sexy sewing assistant. There’s the floor-length hem he marked for my Amercian Geisha kimono, the photos he took for my Make My Lucky Day dress, and all the diva drama he endured while I rushed to finish the Driving Men Mad dress for a challenge deadline. He doesn’t even give me shit about the shirts I’ve never made for him. Needless to say, he is staying.

Tell me about YOUR unsung hero. Who in your life makes sewing or blogging about it easier?