Sewing Heroes of the Refashion and Art Challenges

It’s shout-out time. The ladies over at The Sew Weekly have been sewing up some jaw-droppers these past couple of weeks and I shall dote upon them a bit today.

For the Refashion Challenge, Gina Clark stole the show with her “Lorenzo Lamas” pants made out of a thrifted leather trench. You’ve gotta be sh**ting me! Upcycling a garment is already sorcerer’s work and Gina managed to do it with LEATHER. Effing brilliant! I bow down to this woman.

"Lorenza Lamas" Leather Pants

"Lorenza Lamas" Leather Pants by Gina Clark

Loran continues to amaze with us with her mad skillz. Inspired an iconic Klimt painting for last week’s Art Challenge, she sewed up this stunning patchwork jacket. Since I’m preparing to sew a quilt, seeing this jacket was like an omen from the craft gods to stay on course. Beautiful work, indeed.

The "Kiss by Klimt" Coat by Loran

The "Kiss by Klimt" Coat by Loran

Wanett (aka Nettie) is studying to be a librarian and used her Nerd Power to learn all about Frida Kahlo for the Art Challenge. I swear that Frida’s ghost must be haunting Nettie by now because with this outfit, she channelled the late artist better than a $1,000 an hour psychic. Nettie’s story of learning about Frida is a must read, a wonderful tale of sewist meets artist/muse.

Self Portrait as Frida Kahlo by Nettie

Self Portrait as Frida Kahlo by Nettie

I’m almost having more fun enjoying the other contributor creations than I am contributing my own. Well, almost ;-).

Introducing…The “Picked-a-Pocket” Dress


All my first-time pocket-making dreams came true when I (just barely) finished upcycling that brown dress from Target in time for this week’s Refashion Challenge. Not only did I conquer my phobia of inseam pockets, but I did it while transforming a ho-hum dress into a keeper—another first for me. My third eye is open wide now and it sees so many refashion possibilities in my closet.

On Friday, the “Picked-a-Pocket” Dress premiered on The Sew Weekly.

Read all about it here.

The Sew Weekly Home Page on Friday, March 2, 2012

Hacking and piecing back together something some would say was perfectly decent to begin with, is a disconcerting process. But after this experience and being so utterly wowed by all of the other talented “Refashionistas” of The Sew Weekly, I think I could get used to the hacking.


Target Merona Dress "Before" Refashion


The "Picked-a-Pocket" Dress

What a difference an elastic waist, sleeve cuffs, pockets and matching belt make!

Here are some photos of the pocket construction.

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, drafting pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, constructing inseam pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, constructing inseam pockets

Target Dress Under Refashion Surgery, inseam pockets complete

Constructing these pockets was so damn easy, that I want to identify all of the skirts and dresses in my closet that are missing a place to store my smart phone and give them a blessed pair of inseam pockets.

Another great challenge week over. Good times hacking and sewing.

The "Picked-a-Pocket" Dress

Rushing for a Refashion

My garment for the Refashion challenge was still brewing in my head as of last night. And, it’s due tomorrow! My procrastination has left me with only an evening’s time to upcycle this brown dress from Target. I’ve made some quick design notes and plan to resurrect last week’s accessory to make this 11th hour stunt pan out.

I’m dying to add inseam pockets (something I’ve surprisingly never sewn before) to this sheath. Pockets would upgrade it from “meh” to functionally cute. But, I may not have the time. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Given my ticking clock, the results are sure to be interesting.