Ikat Believe It’s a Mumu!

Ikat Mumuu

I’m popping in to share the results of my recent contemplation on ikat print. I dig it! I wasn’t so sure when I pulled out this UFO of Vogue 8587 —started and abandoned in 2012. Why? I think it was because I was having second thoughts about the print. Was it me? Did it scream boho chic when my style, well, doesn’t? Was it the colors? Finishing it and wearing it for a day helped me decide.

Ikat Mummu

It was a simple make in cotton voile. I UFO’d it during the hand stitching of the bodice lining, leaving that and the sleeve and skirt hems undone for the next three years. It probably would’ve stayed that way for another year had I not been desperate for a quick-finish project. Worn unbelted, it’s also a mumu. Not that I’d hold that against a dress, but until I have a trapeze act, a tent shape on my curves will always be considered carefully.

Ikat Mumu

What makes this mumu appealing to me is the self-lined dolman sleeved bodice (easy to sew), the lack of closures, and how the gathered skirt sits at the high bust. Since I choose my pattern size based on my high bust measurement, a design like this meant no fiddling with the pattern to fit my chest. Celebrate good times.

V8587Ikat MumuThe ikat is still growing on me even as I type this, but I suspect a simpler color scheme would float my boat with less contention. For now, it stays in my life. Transforming from a comfortable house dress into a fun fit and flare frock with one accessory, it’s more than a pretty mumu, it’s a dual purpose utility.

Ikat Mumu

Even though I questioned the fabric, the pattern is definitely getting a repeat performance. With pockets next time. In a solid linen or maybe even a challis for some swish factor.

Until then, my festive ikat mumu has a few parties to crash.

Wanna Be Sewing: Knit Dresses

I am starting off the year with a new, regular feature for the blog. A short break between makes to share what inspires my sewing.

Wanna Be Sewing X kicks off with a mini homage to my latest obsession: knit dresses. This winter, I am all over cute, comfy, fit, and flare.

Wanna Be Sewing: Knit Dresses
Patterns like Colette’s Moneta, Vogue 8646, or Bluegingerdoll’s Violet could get me that fabulous-frock-as-secret-pajamas look I am after. What has been inspiring your sewing this season?

How to Return to Blogging with a Vengeance

I'm Back

When your whirlwind blogging adventure goes on an unscheduled, two-year hiatus, there’s only three steps to take:

  1. Remember how awesome you are.
  2. Figure out how to do it better this time.
  3. Tell your story.

Remember how awesome you are

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this sewing blog in 2012. I thought it’d be fun to sew a garment a week and joined The Sew Weekly’s challenge. Being a contributing blogger on another site was a wild, life-changing experience. The community was amazingly supportive, the sewing challenges kept me on the edge of sanity, and the weekly blogging format was manageable for a newbie like me. But, my personal blog never quite found its way.

Since it was custom for contributors to have their own blog, I started this one and tried to keep it going along with my posts to The Sew Weekly. I sucked at that. And, when life and work got crazy, I got further and further away from my last blog post (and my last sewn garment), until I looked up, and two years had gone by with no blogging.

I felt like a failure for a while. As if the time that had past was a missed opportunity I’d never get back. Then, one day, I started looking at old photos of garments I’d made during that year of blogging. I sewed 24 garments in as many weeks. I went from never having sewn a wearable dress, to learning to custom-fit and construct several. I’ve sewn many different types of fabrics and taught myself pattern drafting, couture sewing techniques, and alterations. As a result of my experience, I have a set of custom-fit patterns I can make over and over again.

Favorite Garments of 2012

My favorite garments of 2012

Figure out how to do it better this time

Now that I’ve accepted that I suck at blogging, I am getting help. I’ve enrolled in a Blogging 101 class to refresh my skills and build some good habits. There’s no grand plans to take over the world with this resurrected blog. Just a near-daily post about sewing and something sewn each week. Getting reacquainted with the sewing blogger community will keep me thoroughly engaged, inspired, and entertained. Old friends and new are sure to encourage my blogging longevity.

Tell your story

My break from blogging began with a string of back-to-back business trips that made it nearly impossible to keep up with weekly sewing challenges. When I came home from the last trip, I was desperate to get back to making clothes. Instead, I found out I that my husband and I had made a human being!

Motherhood became my new craft and growing and raising my daughter, Josephine has been my latest whirlwind adventure.

Meet the Carrolls

Last month, I sewed a dress for myself for the first time in two years.  The moment I finished the hem, I knew I had to make room in my life for wardrobe sewing again. Photographed in front of my house after spending the day with my two favorite people, here is The Family-Friendly Floral Frock.

The Family Friendly Floral Dress

I’ll continue to enjoy this dress into the fall with a cardigan or this pink plaid shirt, an instant smile-generator and reason for pink lipstick.

The Family Friendly Floral Dress

The Family Friendly Floral Dress
Yeah, I’m definitely back. All I had to do was…

  1. Remember that I am a kick-ass seamstress.
  2. Get help so I can become a kick-ass blogger.
  3. Introduce my family and the dress that rekindled my love for sewing.