Making Time to Make


I think about sewing as much as men allegedly think about sex. All the damn time. But, these days, both activities need to be scheduled into the tiny cracks of my life. And, when the cracks fill up with the unexpected, it’s my sewing time that takes one for the team. What happens when you discover the thing you love to do the most is getting the least of your time?

If you’re like me, you troubleshoot.

To find the “sweet spots” in my schedule where I could be sewing more, I considered how I spend a typical weekday. My 9 to 5 job eats up most of my day, but I don’t have to worry about dropping off my daughter to daycare in the morning because my magnificent husband is a work-at-home dad who lets her sleep in until after I’ve already left for the office. But, when I get home, it’s non-stop Mommying from dinner to her bedtime, and Dad goes off duty. When the yawning adults are alone, there’s barely enough energy to enjoy a 25-minute Netflix episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (that Titus character causes epic belly laughter). And by the time the credits are rolling, one of us is doing the pink-slippered zombie shuffle to bed while the other uses his remaining consciousness to squeeze in another load of laundry.

Lately, I’ve been in denial about the fact that the sewing sweet spot of my day is early morning. Probably because I don’t want to get my lazy ass out of bed. But, if I don’t, real life kicks in after 9AM and by the time Kimmy is over, the day is gone and mama didn’t get to sew. And, when that happens for too many days in a row, little bits of my humanity start to flake of like dandruff and I’m just not myself.

So, it’s time for a habit makeover at Team Najah. Starting with my morning ritual. I’m bringing back daily yoga. Before motherhood, I was a pretty dedicated yogi with a daily home practice, but now I’m dissing my mat (and my poor tight muscles) worse than my sewing machine. The energy I get from yoga is just what I need for more sewing. Which is why it makes sense I start the day off with both! A round of 6AM sun salutes and a bit of pattern cutting or maybe it will be a short vinyasa with standing poses followed by some hand sewing for meditation.  I’ll call it sewga”.

Blogs are great for making a public pledge to get your act together. Consider this mine and I’ll be back in touch with progress updates.

How do you make time for making?