Catching Up with Myself

I never stopped storytelling. I have just been trying out some different ways to tell my stories.

This blog is still home to me. It’s been a quiet archive lately and will soon return to its old job as a documentary hub for my sewing experiences.

First, I must catch up with me. You see, 2020 has been the year of exploding expectations that have yielded brave new adventures… and the year is not even over yet.

Here’s the catch-up list to bring this space back to the future:

  1. My family and I almost moved back to California (where I grew up), but moving to a state that was on fire at the time (and is again now) stopped being a good idea. Our love for the east coast is too strong, so we stayed.
  2. I finished my “sewing grad school” courses with Brooks Ann Camper and now sew exclusively from custom drafted patterns. I also support others who want to learn custom sewing as her Student Ambassador.
  3. I work for myself now as a creative business consultant after spending 20 years at a tech company. The transition has been awesome and scary.
  4. In late June, I started micro-blogging and livestreaming on Instagram for what I’m calling the Sewjo Reclamation Project. It will have a home here soon.
  5. I am also writing an ebook on the topic of sewjo reclamation (available in October) and offering the first chapter for free.
  6. A surprise bonus for me was being invited to chat on the Stitch Please Podcast with Lisa Woolforth of Black Women Stitch (@blackwomenstitch on Instagram). The episode with our conversation was released today.

There. All caught up. Well, caught up on the highlights anyway. The juicy, handmade details are still missing. Those will be served here eventually. Until then, the home for my Sewjo Reclamation Project is on Instagram.

Now that I’ve caught up, I hope you catch it.