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Horizontal. Vertical. Diagonal. Stripes. I want to wear them in a box or with a fox or in Fort Knox. They’ve been on my mind considerably. It doesn’t help that all of my social media feeds keep tempting me with more stripey fashion. Tipping me over the edge was the awesomely clever, curve-loving stripe placement on this recently Instragrammed dress by Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink.

Here’s the rest of the inspiring, striped lovelies that have been strolling through my mind palace like spoiled divas. They all have ridiculous price tags, but knock-affable features for the gung-ho seamstress. Take a scroll with me…

Thakoon Gathered Waist Shift Dress

 This $1,420 dress by Thakoon with its low neckline, elasticated waist and wide pastel striping is the picture of cuteness. And, the model’s skin with those colors!

Etro Floral Silk Tunic Dress
How about this silk tunic dress by Etro? Fa-bu-lous. At $1,340, it better be! Finding the perfect black and white striped fabric to pair with white silk for the hems would be a serious hunt, but color blocking could work (almost like piecing a quilt). And that floral detail on the right shoulder…could be hand painted. Effectively elevating it to the level of slap-your-mama gorgeous.

Giorgio Armani striped knit skirt
This Giorgio Armani striped knit skirt is asking to be knocked off with its $1,427 price tag. Seriously, it’s two rectangles and a double knit. Overpriced but adorable.

J.W. ANDERSON Tri-colour striped silk dress

I want to date this dress by J.W. Anderson. I’m not sure what the technical term is for that off the shoulder flounce detail, but I love how it sits ever so slightly askew to echo the bias, tri-color stripes. At $1,419, it’s waiting to be bought by a high rolling dame or DIY’d by a clever maker.

Chloe Hand Drawn Stripes on Silk Crepe De Chine Wrap Dress

 A drapey wrap dress pattern, a big floral print and the perfect coordinating striped fabric could recreate this look from Chloe. Luckily the silk crepe de chine available to home sewers is way more affordable than the $2,095 price tag of this beauty.

Marni Stripe Georgette Skirt
 I never would have thought to add a rib knit waistband to a sheer skirt, let alone do it all in stripes. High five to Marni for this $589 piece of sewing inspiration. Note to self: This is how you wear above the knee shorts in public.

Novis sequin patterned striped dress
By Novis. On sale at the moment for $2,446. It’s sequin. And the peek of stripes at the skirt corner is everything.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Striped stretch-knit dress

I can always count on Stella McCartney to bring it. The simplicity of stripe layering on this t-shirt dress is what’s makes it catch your eye. I’m hoping something like this catches my sewing machine soon.

Altuzarra belted striped shirt dress

Speaking of simplicity. The way Altuzarra is working the stripes on this shirtdress…the only effort at matching is on the almost invisible front pocket. Instead of paying $1,321 for it, I might let it inspire an adventure with McCall’s 6891, an underestimated pattern in my stash that could ease me into shirtdressmaking.

Piazza Sempione flared striped dress

A knock off of this $1,570 Piazza Sempione dress in a knit is totally doable with McCall’s 7121. Finding the thick, double stripe fabric would be the challenge.

Tanya Taylor Peggy Rainbow Stripe Skirt
OK. I’ve never heard of Tanya Taylor Peggy, but her $525 pencil skirt of dueling stripes has me wishing I was her best friend. The moment I snag the right fabric, this skirt is happening.

Halston Heritage Appliquéd cotton and silk-blend dress
The finale of this tribute to parallel lines is brought to you by Halston Heritage. This dress is a breathtaking argument for giving curves a license to wear horizontal stripes. I can’t spot a waistline seam (or any for that matter), so I won’t talk smack about the $445 price, but it does open my mind wide to the transformational power of stripes. Wide enough to reconsider my phobia (more like lazy avoidance) of stripe matching.

Which of these beauties inspires you?

16 thoughts on “Wanna Be Sewing: Stripes

  1. I’m liking the Stella McCartney and the Peggy skirt. My patternmaking teacher tells me those expensive dresses have amazing things going on inside – thats where the money goes! I don’t know about you, but I’d find it difficult to locate similar fabrics here in Oz.


    • There’s some high end fabric stores here in the states, but you’re right, everyday people don’t get access to the $400 a yard/meter stuff. Not that I have the pockets for that anyway. I just like getting design inspiration from the expensive stuff. If I go hang out at the fancy shmancy department store, I could peak at some of those amazing insides….but, the sales people in those places tend to stare at me like I’m there to steal.


  2. I loved your post today! What a fun trip through some very pricey stripes! I know I could knock off every single one of them and the insides would be amazing too! It might be hard to find the exact fabric which could be expensive, but the construction wouldn’t be difficult on any of them. Don’t you agree?


    • Glad you liked it. I had fund assembling the list. And, YES, each one could be knocked off on my own machine (assuming I had the time), but I just like to get nuggets of inspiration from them. A feature here or there might show up in my sewing. Either way…eye candy!


    • There you go!! Happy to pass on the obsession like a virus ;-). I’ve got one RTW knit skirt with diagonal stripes that don’t match at the center front seam (it was on the clearance rack). I only wear it around the house or to walk the dog. So, it’s time I did something about that.


  3. Oh, thank you for the inspiration photos! I’m a wee bit afraid of stripes but I have been increasingly tempted lately. Being a rather simple kind of gal in some ways, I am most attracted to the Altuzarra. And I’ve actually considered that McCall’s pattern. I keep going back and forth about it.


    • I’ve had the same apprehension about stripes. They feel so loud, like they’re making a statement beyond what I’m trying to communicate, but like you said the temptation is strong to stripe things up.


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